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Confessor (Sword Of Truth)
by Terry Goodkind

Pretty much the same as his last few books -- preachy, repetitive, and unimaginative. It seems the author has gotten as tired of the story and characters as the rest of us. It's a good finish, though, to a good series. It does a good job of bringing things dealt with in all the other books together as a complete picture. Unfortunately, that complete picture is a little dull. It's just a shame that something that started out so amazingly strong finishes up so lame (Wizard's First Rule to Unwritten Rule ... come on!). Still, I would recommend the entire series to a new reader. Taken as a whole, it's worth it. And, if you've already read the first 11 books of the series, don't skip this one. Everybody needs closure. -- KitzKikz

A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 4)
by George R. R. Martin

More of the same from this author. If you enjoyed the first three books of this series, then you will enjoy this one too. If you've grown frustrated with the author, like me, because there seems to be no attempt to complete a single story line or even move one more than a couple of scenes, then I recommend you stay away. The descriptions are sweeping, the dialogue gripping, and the intrigue is complex and mesmerizing. In short, Martin is an excellent writer. However, he is a terrible story teller. As far as I can tell, there is no plot here, just a large number of characters stumbling around with no rhyme or reason. In fact, he's created so many characters in so many different places and situations, he couldn't fit them all into one book. This one only cover's half of his characters in its 987 pages, the other half are supposed to be covered in the next book. Worse yet, he's added several more characters, schemes, and twists. I find it difficult to care about any of them, old or new. -- KitzKikz

Flight of the Night Hawks (Dark War I)
by Raymond E. Feist

I was both pleased and disappointed by this book. Pleased because it continued the plots established in the Conclave of Shadows trilogy. Pleased because it included a lot more of Pug and Nakor than earlier books. Disappointed because it really didn't advance the overall story much and I found it to be predictable and formularic. Although Feist included many more characters in this book, none of them developed all that much and his plot twists weren't all that twisty. I was very disappointed by the use (or should I say, re-use) of the Nighthawks. In earlier stories, the Nighthawks were a deadly, major threat, worthy of villianhood. In this book, they're mooks, hardly even worth anyone's notice, and mostly background noise. They could have been left out completely, but then the name of the book would need changing. Still, it was an enjoyable read and I recommend it to anyone that's been following the storyline, but I wouldn't recommend it for a newbie. I'm still awaiting another Jimmy the Hand type character, he was my favorite. -- KitzKikz

Outbound Flight (Star Wars)  
by Timothy Zahn

I've always felt that Zahn was the best of all the Star Wars Universe authors and his latest addition is no exception. This book nicely wraps up how Outbound Flight got started, and ended, where Thrawn came from and how he's starting to chafe at the Chiss attitude, and, more interestingly, how Thrawn and Darth Sideous first meet. He also manages to intersect Obiwan, Annakin, Nemoidians, and the original Jorus C'baoth into the story. I think it's a masterful way of tying his books, which were written long before the final three movies came out and were set after the final movie, with the more recent stories. I especially like seeing how Master C'baoth's attitude changes throughout the book. It explains how his clone, in Zahn's first Star Wars Trilogy, turned out the way he did. However, we don't see exactly how Thrawn get's drawn into the service of the Emperor or how Thrawn became the military genius that he is. Perhaps those are subjects for another book or two. -- KitzKikz

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Will Buy Soon  

Roger Zelazny's Shadows of Amber (Amber) (Waiting for Paperback: Date Uknown)
by John Gregory Betancourt

Myth-Fortunes (forthcoming)
by Robert Asprin and Jody Lynn Nye

Blood from a Stone (forthcoming)
A Retrievers Novel (Book 6) by Laura Anne Gilman

Paul of Dune (forthcoming)
by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson


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Zahn, Timothy



Purpose of this Page  

After purchasing the same book for the third time because I didn't remember that I've already read it, I decided to create a list of books that I've read. These pages are created mostly as a personal memory aid, but if anyone else benefits from them, so much the better. I may even post short reviews of the new books I read.


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