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The following are obsolete FAQ (They've been addressed by a newer version of Sogudi):

Q: Why doesn't the "Sogudi" item appear in the edit menu for my German / French / ... version of Safari.
A: This has been fixed in version 0.4b!

Q: Installer doesn't work or gets an error. What can I do?
A: This has been fixed in version 0.4.3 because I switched to a different installer. If you still have trouble, please let me know at sogudi»kitzkikz

Q: Is it possible to configure Sogudi not to write search strings and typed URLs into the console log? This creates a lot of clutter when one is monitoring the log, as well as being an unnecessary leak of potentially quite personal information. If it's not possible now, can you consider either eliminating the log feature from a future version or adding the option to turn it off?
A: This has been fixed in version 0.4.4

Q: Just a question about v0.4.4: Why did you remove the "precede with space for default" feature? I'm using it for google and as I used it thousands times since I use Sogudi, I can't get rid of it. Plus, it's one keystroke less for google, which is a good thing. I had nothing else to do than to go back to 0.4.3 :(
A: This feature has been added back into version 0.4.5

Q: Can you make Sogudi work for MacIntel machines?
A: Yes, someday, I will. But I'm not in much of a hurry because (a) I don't have access to a MacIntel machine with which to compile, test, and use Sogudi, and (b) I haven't made enough money from Sogudi to fill a coffee cup, much less motivate me to develop Sogudi in an area that doesn't directly affect my self-interest. If you are a MacIntel user, I apologize, but you could either wait patiently or put some money where it counts.
A2: MacIntel support as of 06-JUN-2006 (KitzKikzDownloads)



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