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TITLE: Handling non-english character sets


The entire world doesn't search in english.


Sogudi does use the url-encoding method recommended by Apple, but apparently that doesn't work for the characters below. I'm researching other ecoding methods, but so far have come up blank (including the php routine mentioned below). Any help from developers that have solved this issue would be appreciated.





Very good program, but: The entire world doesn´t search in english. Therefor urlencode (like the php-command) shoud be used on the searchstring when non-english letters (like swedish ÅÄÖ) is included. Otherwise; keep up the good work -- "Kristoffer Ekendahl, 26-Oct-2004"

Thanks for this wonderful software, it'll save me a few thousand keystrokes this week alone.

Anyhow, I was wondering if there is any support for Japanese queries. I tried searching a Japanese/English dictionary for a Japanese word and the characters got all jumbled. Any idea why or if there is any chance this'll be fixed in future versions?

Thanks! Chris



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