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TITLE: Error loading bundle on Intel Mac


Sogudi is working well in Safari. But when using the editor Textmate I get the following error message in the console.log:

2006-11-08 11:32:00.679 TextMate[322] *** -[NSBundle load]: Error loading code /Users/name/Library/InputManagers/Sogudi/Sogudi.bundle/Contents/MacOS/Sogudi for bundle /Users/name/Library/InputManagers/Sogudi/Sogudi.bundle, error code 2 (link edit error code 0, error number 0 ())

The error message occurs also in the output of some of Textmates plugins (bundles) which makes them unusable.

This happens on a Macbook Pro (Intel) but not on a Powerbook (PPC).

Update 2006-11-12: I copied Textmate from my old PowerPC and it was a PowerPC only binary there. It seems the error is solved after updating it to Universal Binary.



Install the proper binary of Textmate.




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