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Sogudi Version 0.4.7 Beta Universal

OS X VersionPlatformSafari VersionLocaleTested ByWorks?
Please put test information here: SogudiBeta

Sogudi Version 0.4.6 for Intel

OS X VersionSafari VersionLocaleTested ByWorks? (5523.15)English (UK)Dick Daviesyes Beta (522.11)English (US)Tom I.No (419.3)FrenchDarenzanaYes (419.3)FrenchFruneauNo (Case Sensitive filesystem) (419.3)English (US)jhfYes (417.9.2)English (US)LoganYes

Sogudi Version 0.4.6 for PPC

OS X VersionSafari VersionLocaleTested ByWorks? (523.12)English (US)Peter A.No + no google - worked until last security patch Beta (522.11)English (UK)Dave B.No - also breaks google bar (419.3)FrenchtxmYes (419.3)FrenchFruneauNo (Case Sensitive filesystem) (417.9.2)German (CH)Benyes (417.9.2)Danish (DK)Jonas Due VesterhedenYes (416.12)English (US)KitzKikzYes (See SogudiIssues_20050831) (412.5)English (US)KitzKikzYes (See SogudiIssues_20050831) (412.2)English (US)KitzKikzYes (412)English (US)KitzKikzYes
10.42.0 (412)English (US)KitzKikzYes
Tiger Pre-release2.0 (425)English (US)Ryan E.Yes
Tiger Pre-release1.3.4English (US)Ryan E.Yes (v312.3)English (US)KitzKikzYes (v312)English (US)KitzKikzYes (v125.12)English (US)KitzKikzYes (v85.8.1)English (US)KitzKikzYes

Sogudi Version 0.4.5

OS X VersionSafari VersionLocaleTested ByWorks? (v125.12)English (US)TomPYes (v125.12)English (US)iLeoYes (v125.11)English (US)KitzKikzYes (v125.9)DanishJPLYes (v125.9)English (US)KitzKikzYes (v85.8.1)English (US)KitzKikzYes (v85.8)English (US)KitzKikzYes (US)KitzKikzYes

Sogudi Version 0.4.4

OS X VersionSafari VersionLocaleTested ByWorks? (v125.9)English (US)KitzKikzYes (v125.7)English (US)KitzKikzYes (v125.1)English (US)KitzKikzYes (v125)English (US)KitzKikzYes
10.31.1 (v100)English (US)KitzKikzYes (US)KitzKikzYes (US)KitzKikzYes

Sogudi Version 0.4.3b and earlier

OS X VersionSafari VersionCPUResult DP1 (v146)iBook G3 800Works Great in english on a french system ! (v. 125.9)iMac G4Works Great! (v125.8)iMac G3 350Works Great but want Kartoo ! (v125.7)PowerBook G3 (Pismo)Works Great (v125.1)PowerBook G3 (Lombard)Works Great (v125)PowerBook G3 (Lombard)Works Great (v125)PowerBook G4 1.25Works Great (v100)Dual USB iBookWorks great
10.3.x1.1.2 (v112)PowerBook AIG4 1.25Works great (v100.1)Dual 800 2001 Quicksilverworks great
10.31.0(v100)1.2 GHz, G4 CubeWorks
10.31.0(v100)800 MHz PowerPC G4Works in french (v85.5)1GHz, G4 MirrorWorks, but no "Sogudi" in the "Edit-Menu" (German System)
Fixed in v0.4b (v85.5)iBook 2001 (600MHz)Works (with default + new shortcuts) MHz, G4Works


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