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Welcome to the KitzKikz website. I created this site mainly as an outlet for my projects.

My Software - Sogudi, PdfTonto, iTunesBookImport, NoFrillsInstaller, LibraryThingForIphone

My Hobbies - WineMaking, BookList, Programming, Taekwondo, HotWheels

Other Sites - ATA Madison, Flashcard Maker



Thin out your backups in Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). This can also be adapted to limit the number of snapshots in EC2 - ThinningS3Backups

BodyGloveCaseProblemWithIphone4 - Trouble with Flash Pictures in Body Glove Fringe Case for iPhone4

LibraryThingForIphone - Complete rewrite from scratch to provide a more native look and feel for viewing your LibraryThing information on an iPhone or Android.

Convert Unicode Escaped String to PHP String - PhpUnicodeToUtf8

Implemented unicode/utf-8 support at Free Printable Flash Cards

Gathering Google Analytics when Javascript is turned off - GoogleAnalyticsNoScript

Displaying a Gmail ATOM Feed In Google Reader - GmailAtomReader

Development on Sogudi has been halted.

Added some advanced data entry options to the Free Printable Flash Cards service.

LibraryThingForIphone - I'm starting to use LibraryThing to keep track of my books instead of my own BookList. I also wrote a hack around their mobile app to display better on my iPhone.

iPhoneSyncRequiresUSB2 - Are you having difficulties syncing your iPhone?

PerilousKnitsBro - I've recently come across OpenID. I find this idea intriguing and may implement it in several of my projects.

Free Printable Flash Cards

An email sig I found interesting -- A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

A quote I felt was worth writing down -- Remember the purpose of the media is not to entertain, educate, or inform you. The purpose of the media is to get you to buy things. -- Author Unknown

StarWarsSuperList - I had no idea how many books were in the Star Wars Universe and I'm pretty sure I bought and read 95% of them.

I've been helping my father host and configure a website (link removed, no longer active) for an acquaintence of his. It's the type of father-son activity we've missed out on since I grew up and moved away. I've enjoyed it quite a lot, otherwise I would expect to get paid. Too bad I don't have any pets, it's a neat product.

My little sister has been blogging for over two months and just now bothered to let me know. I am seven years older and mainly remember her as the young girl she was when I moved away to college. I have difficulty remembering that she is a grown woman now, with a family, friends, and life of her own I barely know anything about. We haven't talked near as much as we should and, when we do, I have a tendency to take over the conversation (slight ego issues). I'm very glad she's writing a blog. It allows me to learn more about her and her life without interrupting with mine.

BookList - I've started keeping a list of books I've read to help me keep track and prevent duplicate purchases.

While working with to make my DeathAngel page, I had difficulty with their Organizr utility and Safari. So I, gasp, switched to IE for a moment. I had forgotten how mind numbingly slow IE was. It's a tribute to the Safari developers that I haven't had to resort to another browser for over two years.

I successfully installed OS X Tiger onto my Powerbook G3 Lombard, something that Apple's installer won't allow. Learn more at TigerLombard.

Released Sogudi 0.4.6! This is mainly a bug fix release with one new feature: The ability to view unix man pages from within Safari.

My friend, Glenn, finally learns about WikiWikiWeb.

Released Sogudi 0.4.5! It may take a few days to complete the TestCases, update the website, and announce the new version across the globe. However, for those that happen to look, it's available for download now.

Released Sogudi 0.4.4

Everyone has been patiently awaiting the next version of Sogudi. So, where is it you may ask?
Read on...

It seems the reported problems with Safari 1.2 were mistakes. The person(s) reinstalled Sogudi and all is now well. I've been using Sogudi 0.43, Safari 1.2, and Mac OS 10.3.2 together for several weeks without any troubles. For those of you waiting breathlessly for Sogudi 0.5, please have a little more patience. I have a full time IT job that takes precedence. However, I'm hoping to get something out to beta-testers this weekend.

A new release of Sogudi was scheduled this week, but the release of version 1.2 of Safari will delay the new version of Sogudi while compatibility testing is done.

Sogudi and Javascript work together. See how. Sites



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